Landing Pages

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are where someone is taken after they have searched for something via a search engine, like Google, using relevant key words. Your landing pages become entry points to your website. If designed well, these pages will take visitors on a journey through your business — or your business story — and ultimately turn them into customers and advocates.

Landing pages (also called ‘landers’ or ‘lead capture pages’) are designed to convert an anonymous website visitor into a real person; someone you now have the details for. There are several goals of the landing page, but the most realistic goal is to ensure that people engage with you further. This can happen by getting visitors to go to another even MORE relevant page or by capturing their details in a form.

Goal of a landing page

The most common goal of a landing page is a lead capture form, but when you understand Google analytics, you’ll see that the major goal at this first point of contact is actually to ensure that your website visitors don’t just bounce right on out of your website as quickly as they came to discover it.

Many website owners put links on their website to other parts of their site that contain more detailed information, just like we are doing with the other important words to understand about content marketing.

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