Facebook Advertising for Real Estate Agents

The Most Superior Demographic Ad Targeting in History

real estate agent social mediaHaving a Facebook Page is not Facebook Advertising but it is one way to get people to like you and see what you are doing — as well as display your ads when you create them. Facebook Advertising is very similar to Google Adwords because you can create ads and promote them to potential customers for either a Price Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Impression (CPI). A click will get someone to your Facebook page or website and an impression will show your ad to your target audience — good for brand awareness.

While PPC ad campaigns give you a clearly defined result (someone visiting your website) CPI campaigns can be just as effective for real estate agents because it gets your brand in front of your audience and builds awareness of your services in your local areas.

Facebook Custom Audience

The first goal for every marketing campaign is to think about what it is that you are trying to sell/promote. Secondly, to whom? As a real estate agent you’ll use social media sites like Facebook to promote either the property you have for sale (or rent) or your services as a real estate agent. Therefore, the next aspect to consider is your audience. From our experience there are two main types of audience:

  • Custom audience
  • Local area

A recommended tactic in engaging potential clients and people who have otherwise never heard of them, is to focus their ads to new and local audiences, such as everyone within 1-2 kms of their suburb. Another other way to find local people is through friends of your existing clientele; to do that you can create a custom audience of your existing clients. Ask us more about this.

Referral Marketing Using Social Media

Existing clients know you and like you so they’re much more likely to like and share the information you promote via a Facebook ad. Many real estate agents neglect existing or past clients because they believe they know all there is to know about them, but it’s important to stay front of mind. Your past clients, just like you, lead busy lives so the more often they see your name and what you’re doing, the more likely they’ll mention you to a friend or colleague if that person is looking for a good real estate agent.

Offer Social Media to Your Vendors?

Everyone wants exposure to social media and that includes your vendors. One of the surest methods to increase the price of your property is to get that property in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Statistics shows that most people who buy in a suburb are already living in that suburb, or not far away, so geo-targeted advertising is a great marketing tool to offer your clients.

Our Social Media Management or Content Marketing Packages both provide you with a platform from which you can create as many ads for properties or other services as you need.

How Much to Manage Facebook Advertising?

Like Google Adwords, Facebook advertising can be set to a clearly defined budget and time frame, however you cannot absolutely guarantee how many people will see the ad campaign when you start it – it is a competitive bidding process that depends on your target market, the amount of exposure you want and over what time frame. You can set a budget, include several images, design the ad copy and set the link for visitors to click and after a short time you will see detailed results and performance analytics.

Free, included in a Content Marketing Package

Facebook local market advertising for real estate agent’s websites is included in our content marketing packages so you don’t need to pay an upfront fee or a percentage of your ad spend. Just choose a content marketing package that helps you become a local “digital” expert and we’ll manage your facebook advertising for you.

See our Content Marketing packages for Real Estate Agents.

Free, included in a Social Media Management Package

When you choose 123ezy for your real estate social media marketing and choose the Facebook ads option we’ll create your Facebook local market ads for you for no extra cost. You just set your budget and pay for the ads directly with Facebook and we’ll do all the rest.

Not sure what you want right now? Request a Quote and one of our team will get in touch and let you know how we can help.

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