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Learn-Express-Cheap-Beginners-to-Advanced-Digital-Marketing-Training-CoursesWe will show you how you can use online marketing techniques and software used by digital marketing experts to target your customers and stay front of mind.

We’ve been given permission to share the content strategies and software know-how used to help real estate agents, retailers, bookkeepers, online businesses and many, many other business people stand out from their competitors online and get discovered by clients.

Content, Convert, Connect and Analyse

The Social Media and Digital Marketing Training Course will give you the tools to develop a content marketing strategy, offers to make your visitors connect and interact with you and tools to get in front of these visitors to generate more awareness and sales.

You’ll learn how to use social media online services like Facebook, YouTube and low cost or free tools like GIMP(image editing), Feedburner (email broadcasting), FileZilla (transferring files) and WordPress (open source software for creating websites and blogs).

Do it yourself or be a better manager

The software tools, websites and strategies used in this course will give you the know how to create and manage your own digital marketing but will also make a better marketing manager if you have a person or team of people working on your digital marketing. You’ll be able to manage the content creators like writers, photographers or videographers and your content strategy, the technical team like your website designers who’ll actually create the website or Facebook landing pages and implement the forms for the call-to-actions as well as your strategy advisors and business coaches when it comes to tracking your marketing performance and results.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • Creating Landing Pages and Call to Action (CTA) options
  • How to create good relevant content for your website and timeline
  • Landing page goals and CTA conversions
  • How to capture visitor email addresses
  • How to come up with your Facebook strategy — to drive traffic and increase conversions
  • What kind of content works best on your Facebook timeline
  • Creating ‘Custom Audiences’
  • Using targeted demographics for Facebook Advertising
  • Generating text, video and images for content marketing
  • How you can access and use free image editing software to work with images
  • Understanding Google analytics and Facebook analytics
  • Exploring video marketing options and analytics
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your website to get conversions from your website and social media
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)


Become a Social Media Consultant

The work of a social media consultant is usually freelance so it enables you to choose your own hours and work from home or for local businesses. If you are looking to do social media marketing explore our Social Media Course and take a look at the steps we recommend for starting a business dong social media. If you you want to explore that in more detail make sure you make contact with us.

Some aspects of social media marketing for real estate agents are very specific and we’ve gone through the process many times for established real estate agents (and other business types) so you’ll be able to draw from our experience, templates and processes to get new clients. Learn more about becoming a social media consultant..


Digital Adoption Strategy

When a thorough strategy and plan is put into place for your digital marketing you’ll be able to use your website as a sales aid to guide potential clients and also benefit by creating a website that Google will reveal to anyone who’s interested because of it’s relevance.

Also included in the course is:

  • How to set up and structure a website
  • Using categories and keywords to optimise a website for Google Search
  • Setting up multiple landing pages for niche marketing (we also explain what niche marketing is and why it’s relevant)
  • Distributing your content via your website, social media and to your own database
  • Getting traffic on to your main landing page and setting up your Call-to-Action (CTA)



Sick of Trying to Come Up with a Content Plan for Facebook?

Anything you do in business should form part of an overall strategy. The content that goes on your website and any social media you use (like YouTube and Facebook) needs to be consistent, high quality, easy to read, relevant and impart key messages about your products and services. Publishing content that ticks all these boxes isn’t always easy! Our courses will arm you with:

  • A knowlege of how to set up a Facebook page
  • Great ways to fill up your Facebook timeline with scheduled posts that keep you front of mind
  • How to use Facebook Advertising and the Facebook Pixel to get maximum exposure to customers and vendors
  • Using YouTube and Wistia for video marketing and analytics
  • Content ideas (for bookkeepers, real estate agents and many other industries)
  • How to use WordPress to create your website AND start your blog
  • Integration tools to get your WordPress content on other platforms (syndication)

No Wishy-Washy Presentation Slides

Once you enrol in our digital courses, you don’t need to sit and listen to an “expert” talk for a day or two. Instead you will watch online videos from the comfort of your home or office (at a time you choose) and learn how you can create marketing and advertising campaigns and analytics to quickly apply to your business.

You will be able to work through our workbooks and start creating your own digital content marketing right away.



Everything’s Included!

All of this is included for one low price — and you get 12 month’s course access!*

To recap, we cover training on each of these must-know digital and social media brands and marketing mediums:

  • Facebook Pages and Posts
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Search Optimisation
  • Google Feedburner
  • FTP using FileZilla
  • WordPress website creation and choosing themes
  • YouTube for channels and video hosting
  • Wistia for video hosting and analytics
  • GIMP image editing software
  • RSS news feeds and syndication

*Course only, certificate option is extra. Lifetime Access is also available.


One Low Annual Membership Fee

Gives you access to all the digital online marketing courses for 12 months, during which you can go over and review the contents as often as you want. You’ll also be able to access any and all updates we make to these courses for 12 months.

Social Media Course Enrolment
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