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permission based content marketing and the sales and marketing funnelA lead capture form is designed to turn an anonymous website visitor into someone you start to build a relationship with, and can therefore make contact with again. However, you will only capture your website visitors details by providing them with something of interest and value. We can obviously discuss potential value-adds with you, but some ideas for potential giveaways include:

  1. Whitepaper reports
  2. Suburb and area reports
  3. Educational videos
  4. The promise of regular goodies via email
  5. A free offer
  6. A competition
  7. A discounted service

We believe that lead capture and the ability to then ‘ping’ your subscribers with regular (and useful) content is one of the most valuable assets you can have in our exceptionally busy digital lives. The cost of pinging is far less than the cost of acquiring and only people who are interested in you and what you do will subscribe.

Subscribe/Register/Request Doesn’t Matter

When you are successful in capturing someone’s details you can continue to send them messages about your products and services and focus your time and effort on people who are interested in what you have to offer. You can word your joining action several different ways and that depends on you and the style of your website but it’s also VERY important to enable your “list members” to easily opt-out if they don’t want to receive your messages.

The Sales and Marketing Funnel is Changing

Property owners who want to sell their property are doing MOST of their research before they meet with you — it’s a fact. It’s happening everywhere — even for the sale of franchise businesses where potential buyers are doing all of their research and then following up with phone calls to confirm what they’ve read and delve deeper into the conversation about selling.

Our team will apply our experience and technical skills to help you become the first agent people see when they search your catchment area. This same technique has been used to convert “EzyLearn” into an online success in Google rankings, purely using content marketing, Opt-in subscriptions (free Microsoft Excel Courses for example) and a lot of targeted and relevant information about online training courses and how they work (like our Microsoft Excel Course FAQ’s) to please potential students looking for online business training courses.

With informed prospects, turning leads into customers can happen very quickly because your prospects will know about you, what you do and how well you do it.

Goals and Returns on Investment

There are several techniques that businesses use to capture the details of people visiting their websites. Another method is to offer free courses, an e-book, whitepaper or case study that goes into more detail about a specific type of customer who has used your services and is please to be a showcase example of how great it is to work with you. These can be tied to, for example, client testimonials and the like to show potential clients “who you are, what you do and how well you do it”.

The fantastic thing about digital marketing is that everything can be measured in what is called analytics (read more about website traffic analytics):

  • Website visitors
  • Pages visited
  • Lead pages
  • Exit pages
  • Links clicked

Technology for Lead Capture Forms

Automated Response Marketing is very popular and used by internet marketers because you can set them up once and then they work automatically. If you are very experienced in your area and understand what your vendors are looking for you’ll be able to script several messages and have them sent every day, once a week, once a month or at any regular interval automatically to ping them and remind them that you are waiting to help them. As part of your 123ezy Website Set-Up fee we’ll set your Automated Response Marketing System (ARMS) so you can start capturing email addresses and pinging prospective vendors.

Privacy and Spam

Just as your responsive website needs to enable website visitors to see a mobile website version in order to rank well on Google, privacy laws are adapting to new technology. Your email broadcast systems must be fully anti-SPAM compliant lest you receive a call from the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

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