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It’s vital to work to a content marketing strategy. This serves as a blue print that governs the contents of your marketing material, the focus of your links and the analytics that will be monitored to measure the strategy’s success.

We will work with you to create your customised strategy and once this is formulated, our team will keep your content marketing machine humming. Our team becomes your team helping eliminate some of the biggest challenges in content marketing.


Content Marketing, Google, SEO and Sales SuccessWhat We Do

We’ll find out what you want to focus on in your business — which content drives the most traffic and which traffic provide you with the best result — and then we’ll build an article base around that.

We’ll work with you to discover the keywords and phrases that customers use to find you and also the information that you would like to share with them.

When analytics is set up you’ll be able to see where people are landing at your website and learn about bounce rates, time on site, pages visited and much more. This information will help you fine-tune your content marketing strategy and also discover ways of improving your capture and conversion rate.


Key Digital and Social Media Marketing Stages

Create a Website

Define your CTA (Call to Action)

Generate Content for a blog

Create Social Media Profiles

Micro Blogs on Social Media


What You’ll Get

You’ll find you develop a much clearer understanding about what you need to focus on and what works in your business. You’ll discover why content marketing improves your value online and how you can use it to generate ongoing revenue without having to pay for ads. We can write content for you, even under your own name if you want (they call that ghost writing) or we can work with your existing team/suppliers.

We’ll set weekly marketing goals and measure monthly results and report them to you with suggestions and recommendation to refine your strategy.


What Happens Next

After the strategy set up we’ll knuckle down on all the tasks required to get your content marketing campaign started, including writing the content and interviewing your team/customers (depending on how open and personal you want to get). If you’re signing up to our content licensing services we’ll make contact to find out what you want to share and get your profile and information associated with real estate blogs in your area.


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